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Our client's priorities are ours. We provide and manage technical expertise so that our clients can focus on their business.

We are committed and well positioned to become a leading and major player in the supply of qualified vessel and crew to Oil and Gas industries in Nigeria and beyond.


GAB MARINE AND OIL SERVICES LIMITED was incorporated as a limited liability company and was registered in 2007. Since then it has been active in Marine supplies, Oil and gas services, engineering and Procurement,  Labour services, Offshore construction, Onshore/Offshore crew supply and platform/rig personnel supply.  Our Head Office is centrally located in the heart of business district of Port Harcourt with Branch Offices in Lagos, London and Houston (U.S.A).

GAB MARINE AND OIL SERVICES LIMITED is a company that specializes in Marine Supplies especially to oil industries in offshore locations. Our clients are ship owners, management companies and contracting companies. We have highly qualified, technically competent, reliable, efficient, well qualified, certificated and dedicated crew. Presently, We are the manning agent and crew provider for Japaul Oil and Maritime services Plc, Petrostuff Nigeria Limited, C.S. Offshore & Maritime Services Limited, World Carrier Corporation, Norfin Offshore, and Damas Oil & Marine. We are equipped to serve all kinds of seafaring vessels. Our reputation is founded on the ability to deliver services comparable in standard to that obtained in the western world. Further information to buttress our commitment is contained in the company, which we now invite you to peruse with pleasure. We are available for any follow up discussion.

We provide ship owners and ship managers with quality ship personnel customized according to clients' requirements and specifications. We supply crew for different types of vessels such as Container Vessels, Survey Vessels, Dry Cargo Vessels, Offshore Vessel, Bulk Carriers, Chemical Tankers, AHTS ,Oil Platforms, Working Barge, Dynamic Positioning Vessels and Passenger Ship.

We employ top quality teams, multi-skilled, cross-functional, multi-lingual and possess effective communication skills, We maintain our Company Quality Policy to ensure that our operations and activities follow high global standards. All our ship crew are qualified seafarers possessing STCW 95 certifications and all required licenses for specific jobs and positions. An in-house capability building program is set in place to sustain our supply of excellent and dedicated seafarers.

Our Clients

Our clients are involved in a wide ranging array of marine activities from oil rigs, ship management among others. To learn more you can connect with us!



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Our Values

With over 25 years of experience in the maritime sector, we are well positioned to satisfy our clientele needs. We strongly believe in the power of Effective Communication, Innovation, Teamwork and Interpersonal relationships in our bid to recruit and manage the best technical talents for our clients. We are committed to a safer and equal opportunity environment for all seafarers.

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Our Seafarers

See what is like for our seafarers on board the various vessels they work in. Our Seafarers are involved a wide array of activities from the project consultant, fitter, electronic engineers to the captains.

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Our Services

Our services cover provision of labour services in a wide range of marine platforms such as rigs, dynamic positioning vessels, AHTS and M/T; we also provide security services, training cert validations etc.

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Dedicated Staff

Our Team of dedicated staff at our various branches guarantees that you get the best service from the application to the on-boarding stage. We are available in person, virtual and on social media.

Our Commitment

We are committed to being the best provider of professional and certified technical personnel to contribute to the growth and expansion of our various clients. Our years of experience in the Nigerian Marine Sector has shaped our understanding and recommendations of top-notch expertise to fulfill the client needs.

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...at the core of our business outlook


The world is repeatedly changing where the old is being replaced by the new, sometimes, the old is adapted to the new and transformed into a hybrid that works for both worlds. Understanding how the use of technology has changed the business landscape and is continually doing sir has helped us stay on top of the industry and sectors where we conduct business. We Adapt!


The synergy that exists between departments and individuals is often the glue that holds an organisation together. The shared drive to achieve positive and ground breaking results stimulates conversations and strategies to achieve same. The coherent coordination between departments as and when required generates positive results. A good team communicates, a great team works in sync.


We understand the importance of communication to synergy in teams and transfer of information between us and our clients. That is why we have expanded and are continuously expanding our channels of communication with our clients, crew and staff to better serve you. We are available on all relevant social media platforms, on direct contact and mail.


We always choose to lead while others follow. We invest in methods to better manage our crews and rapidly disseminate information of  relevance to all stakeholders. Our Entity Resource Planning Platform, mails and chat platform, offices around Nigeria, trainings and meetups help us take the lead in managing crews for our clients.

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